anyone using vmware to run freebsd

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Wed Apr 21 17:52:18 PDT 2004

David Bear wrote:

>i did a quick search of the web site and there was mention of using
>vmware to launch other os's from bsd, but is anyone using some other
>os to host vmware and then launch freebsd?
>separate question.. didn't know how to phrase search for this. ARe
>there any self contained freebsd cd's.  Something like knoppix which
>launches and loads a complete working freebsd from cdrom?
Hiya David,

I ran VMWare 2 from Win2000 w/ FreeBSD 4.2 (yeah, this was a while ago). 
The only problem I ran into was the editor I was using was not releasing 
the perl scripts for 10 to 15 seconds after saving .. it had a known bug 

I'm pretty sure I had apache, mod_perl, mysql and various other things 


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