Ian D. Leroux ian_leroux at
Wed Apr 21 05:51:53 PDT 2004

Ever since upgrading to 5.x (in January, currently at 5.2.1-RC2), I've
been seeing errors in software that uses the sound card. The message
varies from application to application, but in madplay it's:

output: ioctl(SNDCTL_DSP_SETFMT): Invalid argument

ogle (DVD player) has similar problems. Interestingly, the ogle
developers seem to have run into something similar before: if
OGLE_OSS_RESET_BUG is set in the environment, ogle closes and opens the
sound device instead of just resetting it (c.f. ), and this
seems to fix the problem (for this one program). However, in searching
list archives, I haven't found any instances of this being an issue under
FreeBSD. I'm wondering
a) whether anyone else has seen something similar
b) if anyone has suggestions on how to track down the problem (if I'm
going to submit a PR, I'd like to have a more specific description of
the issue)


Ian Leroux

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