ports question

sAndri Kok freebsd_list at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 21 03:32:59 PDT 2004

Hi guys,

I got some questions about ports. Say If I have 2 identical machines. 1 
machine running FreeBSD-4.8 and the other is running FreeBSD-5.2.1. I run 
cvsup on both machines using the default ports supfile given in 
/usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile which points to the same cvsup 
mirror. Will I then get the same ports on both of the machines? Are there 
newer aplications that cannot run on the 4.8 machine? And if I do get the 
same ports, can I build it as a package on 1 machine and then install it on 
the other? Thx guys =) any pointers and replies are reatly appreciated =) 
Thx heaps in advance =)



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