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As far as I know the XP cdwriter can not handle uncompressing an iso
file into it's original directory tree file structure.

Using MS/Windows to get ISO CD images
First of all the .ISO file extension is not supported in the native
MS/Windows world. Sure you can download it from one of the FBSD FTP
sites and burn it to an CD using MS/Windows, but you end up with a
data disk where the ISO file is a single file, not an bootable CD
containing the FBSD directory tree which you need to install from.
The second major problem is you need a fast internet connection,
(IE: ISDN,DSL,CABLE) to download over. Using an 56K modem will take
over 8 hours per CD if you are lucky enough that your ISP does not
cut you off or the FTP server does not get busy and suspend your
session. To resolve this problem of using a MS/Windows box to obtain
the FBSD install cdrom image you will need a MS/Windows FTP program
that can restart the ftp download where it left off at, if it gets
terminated during the initial download. I used SMARTFTP from Then you need a MS/Windows program that can burn
ISO files to cdrom. I used Nero from The downloaded
demo's from these sites work just fine to do what you have to do to
create your FBSD mini install cdrom. Uninstall them, but keep the
downloaded install zip files for them and next time you need to
retrieve an FBSD .iso file, just reinstall to get a new 30 day demo.

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   I'm now using windows xp on my new system and Redhat on the other
   and i like to make a freebsd server instead of redhat.
   I downloaded The 5.2.1-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso and disc 2 but my
   program says that it can't be opened it doesnt support
   (on my XP machine he only has a cdwriter). Do you know how i
   open the iso?
   If i want to burn the iso i got the error:
   Foreign image file
   The entered block size does not correspond to the image lenght.
   Th block size may be wrong. do you wany yo correct the value or
   the problem?

   If i click correct I could fill in:
   Type of image; Data mode 1, data mode 2,audio or HFS
   Checkblok for RAW data; Y/N

   Block size (bytes); 2048 or 2352
   image header size (bytes); 0 (as default)
   image trailer size (bytes); 0 (as default)
   a checkbox scrambled Y/N
   a checkbox swapped Y/N
   I tried a couple but still my cd is empty and the size seems to
   Does anyone of you know how to burn these images??
   I also tried different images but still the sam problems.
   Thx for your help and i hope to hear from you soon.
   Sensation_1337 at


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