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> just to get it clear for me: If I upgrade a port that has been originally
> installed with additional make arguments I must include them again. Is the
> following correct?
> Original installation:
> # make arg_1=val_1 arg_2=arg_2 install clean
> Upgrading port using portupgrade:
> # portupgrade -R -m "arg_1=val_1 arg_2=arg_2" port

If you still want the new version of the port to be built with those
arguments, yes.  Instead of having to remember to type them in all the
time, add them to the MAKE_ARGS array in /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf
-- that way they'll be applied every time you upgrade the port.

There are now quite a few ports where that is strictly no longer
necessary.  Those are the ports using the new 'OPTIONS' code committed
last January -- an example is devel/gettext.  These ports will popup a
dialog box and record the settings you choose the first time you run
'make' in them[1], and then default to using those settings every time
you rebuild the port, or until an update to the port changes the set
of options available or until you run 'make config' again.  However,
this only works for the ports that use the OPTIONS code.

You can mix both styles with impunity -- put entries into
pkgtools.conf as well as rely on the cached OPTIONS values -- I think
pkgtools.conf should override the OPTIONS cache, but you'll have to
experiment to be absolutely sure.



[1] If you don't want the dialogs to appear set BATCH=yes in the
environment or in /etc/make.conf This will automatically give you the
default settings.

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