5.2.1 can't find sound card

dslb at tiscali.dk dslb at tiscali.dk
Tue Apr 20 09:52:06 PDT 2004

On Tuesday 20 April 2004 17:47, you wrote:
> > >Wait till next release in the 5.x branch comes out?
> >
> > Or run -CURRENT, as I understand it.
> That was my implication. I don't run any releases but YMMV.
> If it is a new machine and you want sound, you don't have much choice.
> The Audigy has never been MFCed to 4-stable.

Hmm, I read that you could download and install emu10kx-22-june-2003.tar.gz
from http://chibis.persons.gfk.ru/audigy/ ? But you all recommend that he
wait for the 5.3-release?


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