mouse in FreeBSD

Rob robertmcilroy at
Mon Apr 19 12:59:34 PDT 2004

On Wednesday 14 April 2004 11:00 pm, ilich wrote:
> Hello All!
> 1. My mouse has a fancy wheel.Can I use it in the X Window system?
> 2. Can I use copy\cut\paste text with mouse in the console?
> 4. Can I copy mouse options for X from Linux?
> 3. How do I copy\cut\paste text in Vim?
> Thanks, Ivan

I can answer the first two;

1. Yes put - Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5" - without the dashes in your 
InputDevice section of your XF86Config file and restart X and the wheel 
should work.

2. I do it all of the time but not with the right mouse button, I highlight 
the text and then use the edit menu at the top of the console for the cut/
paste option.

I can not answer the other two.

Rob M.

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