Kernel debugging question

Jorn Argelo jorn at
Mon Apr 19 03:57:41 PDT 2004


> > I did enable the rest though. This is the output of the debugging,
> What is the output of the "debugging"?  Your message contained only
> the panic message and the gdb prompt:

I used the gdb -k /boot/kernel/kernel.debug /home/jorn/dump/vmcore.0 command, 
and the output with the previous mail was the output of that command. A 
small, perhaps irrelevant sidenote, is that the kernel.debug file was only 
located in the /usr/obj/usr/src/sys/KERNCONF, and not in /boot/kernel as 
described in the documentation of FreeBSD.

> > #0  doadump () at /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_shutdown.c:240
> > (kgdb)

> You want at least a backtrace.

How do I do that? I'm sorry, but I've never done a kernel debug or anything.

> > Or am I forgetting something?
> Yes.
> Debugging crash dumps is work.  People occasionally do work for free,
> but I'd be very surprised if you found somebody to help you with this
> one, especially without a debug kernel or even a backtrace.
> I'd suggest you catch another dump after you've booted your debug
> kernel, then post the backtrace.  That way we'll have something to go
> on.  If I have time, I'll reply with a preliminary analysis.

Thanks Greg, I would really appreciate that. It's rather frustrating to see 
your once rock-solid machine freezing frequently.

> Greg
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