Hey jad !

Shobaki Sam. shsam at free.fr
Sun Apr 18 16:33:58 PDT 2004

jad basha (spel_5 at hotmail.com) wrote:
>    hey samer how r u ? well its bad 2 hear that u cant continu ur education
>    and u  cant find a job,,its really bad samer, u know i'm facing the same
>    ... 

I feel better those days, even if i really don't have money anymore. I
have a meeting tomorrow for a job ! i hope it will be okay. I was pretty
sure that you were in the same situtation out there, world sux man =) i
think that you are right, leaving country, anywhere you are, is leaving
some problems to find others big ones ... so stay where you are, face
your destiny, and don't let them crush you, here is the right way of
life today. Well i hope to meet you soon, like you say, to celebrate
this, a long time i haven't seen you, you surely looks like old, like me
.. old crap ! well happy to here these good news about nabih, i still
think that he has some good brain parts to live with =) for ghinwa, i
think you really should go to her, don't let the time to the time,
because time is a blind assassin, if you have to do something to do with 
her, do it now ! well, i have been long to respond because i thought i
responded already, haha, stupid me.. in some days, i will release my new
site, with some drawings, coding , news about me and pictures, i will
let you know about it, here is the link for the moment, you will find a
small creation as an intro. http://progen.free.fr , do you like it ? =)
take care jad and keep on touch too, sorry again for the long silence ..

Has everybody got HALVAH spread all over their ANKLES?? ...  Now, it's
time to "HAVE A NAGEELA"!!

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