[SOLVED] Can't *write* to a hard disk, not even a slice using fdisk(8).

Julien Gabel jpeg at thilelli.net
Sun Apr 18 05:10:28 PDT 2004

>>> do you  have your securelevel set in rc.conf to YES and to a higher
>>> level (like 3)?

>> Yes, this machine had a securevel positionned: it set to '2'. But
>> because I can't touch the disk even in Single User Mode, I don't
>> think it is related, but...
>> What is your idea?

> Ok.  I had missed the earlier parts.  I had a problem recently where a
> new disk was not "touchable" at all and it was related to the
> securelevel being at 3...
> Was just a thought.

I don't know if you follow the current@ list too, but I sovled my problem:

I can note that if I said that "I can't touch the disk even in Single User
Mode"... that was right, but just because I went to single-user mode from
multi-user mode, so the kern.securelevel was always to '2' (which is very
different to boot directly to single-user mode)! Sorry for the mistake and
thanks for your reply which appeared to be the right point here.


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