bsd 5 install

nestor nestor.rios at
Sat Apr 17 21:21:46 PDT 2004

today ran thru install using entire 2nd HD for bsd 5.0 by foolowing FREE 
BSD UNLEASHED 2nd ed.  it seemed pretty straight forward.  but after 
install did not boot into bsd.  boot loader options were to come up 
after i initially said do nothing now when disk 2 was picked for 
install. but the later oppotunity never came up. xp is on disk 1 and bsd 
on 2nd.  expected equivalent of lilo or grub to load on mbr of 1st disk 
but no such luck.  what about a boot floppy option?  this would be less 
nerve racking. no error messages came up only congatulations.  i use dsl 
for internet connexn and not on any networks.  just tying to learn.  any 
ideas? thnx.  a boot floppy would sure help so as not to damage winxp.  

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