Joshua Lokken joshua at twobirds.us
Sat Apr 17 20:06:20 PDT 2004

* RA Cohen <roy2098 at yahoo.com> [2004-04-16 08:28]:
> Hello All,
> school environment). How can I make all of them default to KDE
> without manually going into each and every central home
> directory to set this? Do I need a Perl sctript to do this? How
> can I get a new user addition to default to KDE?

I believe you could include an .xsession or .xinitrc in the skel dir
you're using to populate new users' homes.  There is also an environment
variable that'll do it; WINDOW_MANAGER= or similar.

> I hope I have been clear. I would think this scenario is
> becoming more common as people try to move away from MS-based
> networks, but I have found really scant info...There's a
> LinuxWorld November 2002 article on KDE central administration,
> but it doesn't address the additional problems NIS causes!

Don't know NIS.


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