Cups printing problem

Joe Altman fj at
Sat Apr 17 18:08:44 PDT 2004

On Sat, Apr 17, 2004 at 04:30:20PM -0400, andy at wrote:
> I am trying to print from a FBSD client to an FBSD print server running
> the latest version of Cups.  I can print from the printserver, but not
> across the local network.  I receive this error from the Cups browser
> admin page:
> Brother HL-1440 Foomatic/hl1250 (recommended)
> Description: net-printer
> Location:
> Printer State: processing, accepting jobs.
> "Unable to get printer status (client-error-forbidden)!"
> Device URI:
> It seems like the server is refusing the connection, is that the problem
> or is it something else.  I tried putting an /etc/cups/cupsd.conf so that
> it will spool on the server, but it did not work.
> Is there something I need to enable or turn on, on the server to make
> network printing work?  Any help is appreciated.
> TIA,
> Andy

I am guessing that you need to look into the cupsd.conf, which lives
in your /usr/local/etc/cups/ directory.

Make a backup of this file using cp; then open it in an editor. Look
for the section on Access permissions.

I think you will want to add this:

Allow from

Good luck, HTH,


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