base system vs. isc-dhcp : dhclient conflicts?

Rob nospam at
Sat Apr 17 17:31:08 PDT 2004


I have isc-dhcp3 port installed on my 4.9-Stable PC.
I need that as I want to configure this machine as
both, a DHCP client and server.

I notice, that I have two versions of dhclient related
files (see below). Is this a problem and reason for
possible conflicts? What can I do to avoid multiple
versions of dhclient related files?

Is there a make.conf option that will prevent the build
of dhclient in the base system?

I don't know which dhclient to use, the one in /sbin
or the one in /usr/local/sbin. And which dhclient.conf
file to modify.

Thanks for help,









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