Buildworld takeing a long time in 5.2.1

David Dooley dpd at
Sat Apr 17 14:51:04 PDT 2004


I have two dual processor systems with PIII 450 MHz processors both have
internal SCSI 9 GB disk on Adaptec 2940UW controlers. One is installed with
FreeBSD 4.9-STABLE and 1024 MB ram the other has installed FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT
wit 512 MB ram, both boxes have 1GB of swap but neither has ever used anything
but the absolute minimum.

The 4.9 server has cvsup installed to sync the src, ports and dev
repositories, this is NFS mounted to the 5.2 server and extracted to a local
copy of the 5 src tree. The  4.9 box extracts the RELENG_4 src locally.

On a frequent basis I buildworld and kernels for all my servers, currently on
the 4.9 box I buildworld in approx 1:03 hours and build 3 kernels in 30 mins.
On the 5 box I buildworld and it takes 4.5 hours and takes 1 hour to build 1

This not a problem as it all happens automatically over night, but I am
just interested in why the disparity of the timeings

Thanks for any information.


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