bsdpan-DB_File - missing origin

Lee Dilkie lee at
Sat Apr 17 14:21:16 PDT 2004

>If you do 
>    perl -MCPAN -e shell
>    install DB_File
>then you get that port.

Okay, that is good to know. But I, personally, never did this so it must have been done by one of the ports I have installed. I just wonder which one, or rather, how one goes about discovering which one. Any ideas?

>Note that the Berkeley-DB library (from the db41 port) and the Perl
>interface thereto (DB_File) are two different things.

I installed the db41 but after that was done, i went into the perl subdir, fixed up and ran the perl installation. I had done that some time ago for graphdefang ( it's not from ports but it needed DB_File). I would think they have the same api, but what do I know of perl ;)

>PS: Is "thereto" correct in this context?  It seemed like a cool way
>    to make the sentence shorter ;-)

looks correct to me, but I'm an engineer and my language skills (outside programming languages) aren't the greatest. ;)

thanks for the help. 


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