pppoe ..., newbie

Rainer littlecloud at vif.com
Fri Apr 16 19:43:21 PDT 2004


upgraded to version 4.9 since the last post.

installed the same way as 4.5 but actually got rid of all the conflicts in
kernel configuration, selected ep for network device, seems to come up fine,
beeps shows up in ifconfig with a mac address.

proceeded to follow the instructions in the handbook for pppoe used the
example - no joy! based on my linux experience there seemed to be info
lacking, like isp's dns servers.read over the user ppp general section and
added 'resolv.conf' and 'ppp.linkup'. still doesn't work.

i originally got  something like 'can't add route' at the prompt after
trying to connect. now (perhaps after adding the 2 last config files) i get
'working in ddial mode / using interface: tun1, but it still doesn't

ppp.log says only, connected!/opening >
dial/dial>carrier/disconnected/carrier hangup.

any pointers would be useful,


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