How do I eliminate resolver delay??

Henrik W Lund henrik.w.lund at
Fri Apr 16 14:47:20 PDT 2004

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> Re: How do I eliminate resolver delay??
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> Jonathon McKitrick <jcm at>
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> Fri, 16 Apr 2004 19:12:58 +0100
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> On Fri, Apr 16, 2004 at 11:06:48AM -0700, peter lageotakes wrote:
> : FYI:  If I remember correctly, running dhcpd
> : overwrites the resolve.conf.
> That's what caused my problem.  I need a way to restore it when using the
> other network with assigned IPs.
> jm

Your situation is identical to mine, I have a wireless card I use for my 
  home network with DHCP, and an Ethernet card for school on a fixed-IP 
network. I've thought about using enter and exit hooks with the 
dhclient, but haven't gotten around to trying it out yet.

Maybe having an exit hook that sets resolv.conf up for the fixed-IP 
nameservers whenever the wireless link is taken down? Since it's 
automatically set up when dhclient first assigns an IP you don't really 
need an entry hook, but if you want to do some fancy checks (for a 
connection on the Ether card, for instance) I guess you could set one 
up. And let's not forget the routing tables. Rather than having it in 
rc.conf, maybe throwing that into entry and exit hooks to set up the 
default gateway for the wireless is a good idea as well?

But like I said, I haven't gotten around to trying it out yet. If you 
beat me to it, do tell how it worked out, ok? ;-)

-Henrik W Lund

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