What does: "is an interactive port" mean?

Micheal Patterson micheal at tsgincorporated.com
Fri Apr 16 14:34:07 PDT 2004

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Subject: What does: "is an interactive port" mean?

> I was just trying to install Star Office 7.0 and I received the following
> error message:
> ** 'editors/staroffice70' is marked as IGNORE:
>         "is an interactive port"
> I have run cvsup and portsdb -Uu prior to this. Can anyone enlighten me?
> Thanks!
> Gerard E. Seibert
> gerard-seibert at rcn.com

As I recall, Star Office is no longer a freeware item. You have to purchase
it from the main web site, place the downloaded tarball in your distfiles
directory and then re-run make to patch it properly for fbsd. The last time
I looked into purchasing it was when it was still 6.0 and it was $75.00 per


Micheal Patterson
TSG Network Administration

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