vinum havoc

Joan Picanyol i Puig joan-lists at
Fri Apr 16 10:24:55 PDT 2004

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For unknown reasons, vinum has broken itself again (the only weird thing
I did was booting from a different root partition). The only commands I
have given are start/stop whatever (pretty much everything). Note how
storage & worthless are apparently empty, plus an *invalid* drive at the
bottom (long lines):

# vinum ld
D storage               State: up       Device /dev/ad0s1d      Avail: 38166/381 66 MB (100%)
D worthless             State: up       Device /dev/ad2s1d      Avail: 38038/380 38 MB (100%)
D barracuda             State: up       Device /dev/da0s1e      Avail: 2/1280 MB (0%)
D barracudaf            State: up       Device /dev/da0s1f      Avail: 0/7210 MB (0%)
D ultrastar             State: up       Device /dev/da1s1e      Avail: 1279/1280 MB (100%)
D ultrastarf            State: up       Device /dev/da1s1f      Avail: 7210/7210 MB (100%)
D *invalid*             State: referenced       Device  Avail: 0/0 MB

Any attempt to start the volume on storage/worthless fails like:

vinum -> lv -r bulk
V bulk                  State: down     Plexes:       1 Size:         74 GB
P bulk.p0             C State: faulty   Subdisks:     2 Size:         74 GB
S bulk.p0.s0            State: crashed  PO:        0  B Size:         37 GB
S bulk.p0.s1            State: crashed  PO:       37 GB Size:         37 GB
vinum -> start bulk.p0.s0
Can't start bulk.p0.s0: Drive is down (5)
vinum -> start bulk.p0.s1
Can't start bulk.p0.s1: Drive is down (5)

Now for the worst (more damage inflicting) part. Even though vinum says
a mirrored volume is up, I can't even fsck it:

# vinum lv home
V home                  State: up       Plexes:       2 Size:       4394 MB
# fsck /dev/vinum/home
** /dev/vinum/home
/dev/vinum/home: NOT LABELED AS A BSD FILE SYSTEM (unused)
# mount /fs/home/mount
mount: /fs/home/dev-mount on /fs/home/mount: incorrect super block

This is on RELENG_4_9, and I have already rebooted/restarted vinum many

What should I do to make vinum come back to reason? 


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