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Dan Nelson dnelson at
Fri Apr 16 09:33:59 PDT 2004

In the last episode (Apr 16), Brian Henning said:
> I am trying to get some info on the cache for nfs on the nfs client.
> I have looked at nfsstat
> where are the settings located for the nfs cache?

I think they're just part of the system's regular disk cache, except
for the sysctl below.
> the setattr percentages are really high on this server. The is the
> main reason i want to know what is going on with the cache.

Getattr, you mean?  That just means that the client has stat()'ed a
file twice within the timeout specified by the
vfs.nfs.access_cache_timeout sysctl, and has pulled the value from its
cache instead of querying the server.

> Version 2: (185583924 calls)
> null          getattr       setattr       root          lookup
> 0 0%          175265837 94% 66975 0%      0 0%          6407008 3%

So here, 94% of the getattr calls were pulled from cache.

	Dan Nelson
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