RA Cohen roy2098 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 16 08:19:30 PDT 2004

Hello All,

I am trying to build a network around NIS/YP on a v 4.9-STABLE
central/login server. Clients are FBSD v 5.2-1. The goal is a
centrally administered KDE environment for each workstation.
Because I am exporting the home directories on the server, as
well as passwords via YP, users default to their home
directories on the server upon successful login. This works,
there are no issues yet (except for the member of more than 16
groups issue)...

I have been successful in all aspects but one:  client logins
default to the most basic window mgr (tvwm I think). There are
approx. 400 potentiaol users total over 65 workstations (a
school environment). How can I make all of them default to KDE
without manually going into each and every central home
directory to set this? Do I need a Perl sctript to do this? How
can I get a new user addition to default to KDE?

I hope I have been clear. I would think this scenario is
becoming more common as people try to move away from MS-based
networks, but I have found really scant info...There's a
LinuxWorld November 2002 article on KDE central administration,
but it doesn't address the additional problems NIS causes!

Thanks in advance,

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