thinkpad 600

Rob rob2 at
Fri Apr 16 08:00:49 PDT 2004

bungu at wrote:

>Hi Please can you tell me  how to install freebsd   on my thinkpad  600  
>as  I have  win 98 on it  and  it is a refurbed  unit  
>I would  like to  investigate  freebsd   as an os   and  use it in an 
>everyday  enviroment  and  say  good riddens  to  MS  and  hopefolly 
>do my bit for  the other battlers   in the field  
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Hi Gary, Easiest way is to download one of the release (4.9 latest) 
iso's off of or mirrors.  Bun the cd as bootable, then 
boot up with it.   A graphical ibstall program guides u thru the 
installation.  But beware- keep windoze if you choose to use as the 
first partition.  it doesnt like being any where else :)  FreeBSD as 
part of the instal, will install a menued bootloader,       hope this 
helps     sincerely, Rob

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