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Bob Collins bobc at
Fri Apr 16 05:33:22 PDT 2004

On Thu, Apr 15, 2004, bungu at clacked the keyboard to produce:
> Hi Please can you tell me  how to install freebsd   on my thinkpad  600  
> as  I have  win 98 on it  and  it is a refurbed  unit  
> I would  like to  investigate  freebsd   as an os   and  use it in an 
> everyday  enviroment  and  say  good riddens  to  MS  and  hopefolly 
> do my bit for  the other battlers   in the field  
> Thanks  
> gary

Sure, you will need to start at the FreeBSD web pages and read up on the
install methods etc. Next you will want to download some form of the
media, either the floppy images or a full CD iso image. Or better yet,
purchase them from the FreeBSD mall. If not purchase, you can make a
donation to the project, but I digress.

Once you have the media, assuming the CD, you can set the Thinkpad BIOS
to boot from the CD. When you boot from the CD, you will begin the
install and just follow through.

Your best bet will be to delete the partition set up for Windows 98 and
use the full disk and auto slices from the install routine. It should be
obvious when you run through it. Just take your time and read each
screen well and make sure you understand what you are doing at each
screen. I have read it here before that if this is your first go at
FreeBSD, like Window$, you will want to install more than once, just
because as a newbie you will make a mistake or two. No worries though,
there are many people here who will help when you have troubles.

Just be sure to read as much as you can prior to asking a question, and
maybe search google or dogpile or something like that to get answers
prior to asking. Almost all the questions you will have in the beginning
will have already been answered many times before.

Finally, you will most likely want to ask Thinkpad specific questions on
the `mobile' FreeBSD mailing list. The address is
freebsd-mobile at Questions about FreeBSD belong here. Just so
you know, FreeBSD runs great on the 600 series. It is running nicely on
my 600X and also on my T22.

Good luck and enjoy.


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