Telnet Operation Timed Out

Nikos Vassiliadis nvass at
Fri Apr 16 01:19:39 PDT 2004

Yes it was a good question, and my connections timeout
faster than before. I don't think you can do something like
that with ipfw. But I might be wrong, Perhaps, you can find
a telnet client that suits your needs. BTW I think an overall
TCP connection timeout set to 10 seconds is a good idea.
But then again you might have problems with overloaded
sites. That would be very rare, though.

Cheers, NikV

On Wednesday 14 April 2004 20:55, Holtor wrote:
> Nikos,
> Thank you so much! The value is not in seconds but in milliseconds
> (wierd?). I set it to 10000 ms which gave me a 10 second timeout however
> this is system-wide and I dont want to break things.
> Does anyone know how to do it for just this specific telnet session?
> Perhaps there's a keepinit rule in ipfw. Any ideas? Tia
> Holt

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