lament about freebsd sacrifices

Joshua Lokken joshua at
Thu Apr 15 22:57:01 PDT 2004

* freebsduser at <freebsduser at> [2004-04-15 21:41]:
> My only regret was that I didn't listen to my inner voice that said -- Don't get an ATI All In Wonder Pro for watching TV. Get a Hauppauge TVIVO instead, or get a standard sort of sound card for sound.

I'm watching TV just fine with an ATI AIW Rage 128 Pro, FreeBSD
4-stable, and XFree86-4.3.x.  Granted, I'm not capturing, but to view
TV I installed the 'stuff' from and
xawtv.  Full screen, all of the expected functions (except capture)
work well.  Try it ;)

> I didn't do the research. But there's enough hardware and such to make one happy if they do the research.  But this is being pointed out to by other posters.

Granted, the Hauppage cards are better supported, but you might as
well use what you've got.


There are some things worth dying for.
		-- Kirk, "Errand of Mercy", stardate 3201.7

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