Dialup Modem/FreeBSD v4.9

Michael A. Alestock michaela at maa-net.net
Thu Apr 15 22:07:46 PDT 2004

I run a server on FreeBSD v4.9 and have broadband access on it.  However, I also have a dialup modem (external) that I use to dial-in when I can't access the box via broadband because of connection issues, etc.

Is there a way to assign an IP address to the modem device (/dev/cuaa1) so that when I do a "who" or "last" while dialed in, I'll be able to see an assigned IP address of the device /dev/cuaa1?   Or is that only for /dev/tty's ????

Any faq or link to a FreeBSD.org section on this would be much appreciated.  I looked around, but couldn't find anything on what I was looking for.

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