kmail date headers translated to local time.

Malcolm Kay malcolm.kay at
Thu Apr 15 06:38:12 PDT 2004

I have just upgraded to FreeBSD 4.9 Release and also installed
a later version (3.1.4) of kde. I don't use the kde windows 
manager, I have it installed mainly for kmail.

On this new version I find the Date/Time in the headers gets
translated to my local Date/Time which I find something of a 
disaster -- I like to know what the author's clock said! If I
really want to know the translated time it was always available
in the Messages window.

When I found that I could customise the date display to include
the time zone offset from UTC I thought my problem was solved.
But, alas, it still showed my local time with my time zone 
offset which to me seems quite rediculous -- after all I know
MY time zone offset.

Is there some way I can switch this back to the earlier behaviour?
I know I can get it back by displaying "all headers"; but this
is a rather unsatisfactory extreme.

It seems that many modern applications for unix are trying to 
catch up with MS-windows negative features. Fortunately they
still have some way to go!


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