Beginning C++ in FreeBSD

Lucas Holt Luke at
Thu Apr 15 04:11:48 PDT 2004

I would suggest C before C++.  I took a C class after tring C++ on my own.
I tought C++ was newer and better.  Actually I found it was only newer.  It
has new features and such, just not better because it was an extension or
expansion to C.  I don't use C++ so I am sure there are those that would say
C++ is better, but I think it is only better if it suits the job better.  I
was told by a friend java is very close to C++ so it maybe a smart move, but
anyone coming in fresh I would always recommend C first. 


Many universities teach C++ exclusiveley now.  Java and C++ share some
common ground on syntax and the fact that they both support Object oriented
programming.  Aside from that, there are many differences.  C++ is native
code and executes faster than java which uses a virtual machine.  C++ code
is compiled into C code by the compiler and then assembly.  Java is
converted into byte code for a virtual machine.

I had a class at the local community college in C before I moved on to
western michigan.  The only benefit from the C class was a better
understanding of pointers.  Contrary to what many C++ programmers will tell
you, pointers are still very useful and needed at times.  Although I tend to
like C as a language, C++ arguably makes it easier to reuse code.
Regardless of the order, you should look at both languages to have a good
foundation.  C++ programmers must learn C basics, at least C libraries like
<cstring> and <cstdlib>.

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