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Joshua Lokken joshua at twobirds.us
Wed Apr 14 23:43:09 PDT 2004

* Rainer <littlecloud at vif.com> [2004-04-14 22:14]:
> hello,
> i'm new to freebsd with some linux experience - hope i picked the right
> list!

You did, indeed.  Welcome.

> got the card, pc card on laptop (supported in your laptop list!), to come up
> at boot, ep0 = address ...
> referred to the handbook and it covers 4.9 ... i got a 4.5 version with the
> 'unleashed' book so it's unclear to me whether the instructions will be
> valid my version? can i simply follow those instructions or is there an
> older version of the handbook for 4.5?
The handbook is mostly, if not completely relevant to 4.5, but I would
suggest reading Appendix A of the handbook, esp. A.5, Using CVSup.


You can install cvsup from the cds you bought, then use it to update
your source tree and ports (third-party software) collection.  That'll
enable you to upgrade FreeBSD to a more recent version, which will be
a good experience for you, and is a good idea, as 4.5 is rather old
now, and there have been many improvements to the 4.x branch since

Good luck.


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