Debuggin a FreeBSD 5.2.1 kernel crash

Tim McMillen taxman at
Wed Apr 14 19:58:46 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 03:40, Jorge Mario G. wrote:
> Hi there
> I patched my 5.2.1 system with ALTQ

5.2.1 was a release from the -current branch, so it was not meant for
production.  If you're using the box just for testing, then why not just
run -current?  If so, you should be subscribed to -current
and read the handbook section on cutting edge at:

But consider that it does not help much to provide fixes to 5.2.1.  All
fixes go into the current branch or the stable branch.  Thats what the
branches are, by definition.  Security and as far as I understand only
very rare bugfixes go into the release branches, but I think that is
quite rare for the 5.x releases.

> now the systems is very unstable
> the kernel dies each 2, 3 hours
> I've been diggin the logs I dont see anything special

In general do your best to figure out how to reproduce the problem. 
Non-reproducible problems are not very helpful in debugging.
There is a section on kernel debugging in the developers handbook at:
You should at least browse all of the rest of the developers handbook
for background though.

> How can I track the problem and report it??

The best way to report it is to file a good PR (please read man send-pr
for how to write good PR).   But a PR against 5.2.1 is not all that
helpful, I wouldn't think.
But good PR's are certainly what keeps FreeBSD improving.



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