Beginning C++ in FreeBSD

Simon Barner barner at
Wed Apr 14 16:51:32 PDT 2004

Me wrote:
> Hi,
> I've learn shell scripting and java on my freebsd box
> since I migrated from winblows 98 a while back. now
> i'm ready to move to a more sophisticated language. I
> have decided to go with C++. Is there any bigginer
> guides online that you may have run a cross that would
> help me get started?

Don't know about a guide, but here's what I'd suggest (these suggestions
are - like the question - not specific to FreeBSD at all, but should
apply to any (modern) *nix platform) (modulo paths and package names, of

If you are on FreeBSD 4.x, install the lang/gcc33 port, and use
/usr/local/bin/g++33 as your c++ compiler, since the base system's gcc
(v. 2.95.4) lacks quite a lot of modern C++ features, is less standard
compliant, etc.

Choose your favourite editor. XEmacs, vim and the other usual suspects
come to my mind, but there are also IDE's in the ports collection, like
kdevelop (KDE), and probably others.

Google for book suggestions. Get some from your local library, and
consider to buy your favourite one(s).

Good online resources are (IMO):

Now: Start your first project ;-) If you think, you are ready for GUI
programming, I'd recommend (formerly known as

Happy programming,
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