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On 14 April, 2004, at 14:55 (-0500)
Andrew L. Gould <algould at> wrote:

> > > * digital cameras
> I use Sony Cybershot DSC-P92:
> 1. Plug camera into computer using usb, check dmesg for umass device and mount
> memory card file system; or....

Even better, have usbd do it for you. Add this line to /etc/usbd.conf:

        # Sony Digital Camera
        device "Digital Camera"
                vendor 0x054c
                product 0x0010
                release 0x0450
                attach "sleep 2; /sbin/mount /mnt/camera"
                detach "/sbin/umount /mnt/camera"

Then, add the following to /etc/fstab:

        /dev/da0s1        /mnt/camera     msdos   ro,noauto       0       0

I have the same camera. The above works great for me, on FreeBSD 4.7. Plug
the USB cable into the camera, turn the camera on, and a few seconds later,
the memory stick is mounted on your FreeBSD system. I've been using the
above configuration for about 9 months now, with no difficulty at all.

Obviously, YMMV, depending on the camera you have.

Brian Clapper,
Failing to get them to do it your way might mean they're stupid, but it also
means you failed to get them to do it your way.
        -- Cal Keegan

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