lament about freebsd sacrifices

MikeM zlists at
Wed Apr 14 12:22:34 PDT 2004

On 4/14/2004 at 11:36 AM Peter Leftwich wrote:

|I thought I would post this as something of a warning.  Using
|FreeBSD as a primary, non-dual-boot OS means sacrificing.  Here is a
|partial list of sacrifices, as compared to Microsoft Windows XP:
|* webcam ball
|* flatbed scanner
|* color printer
|* digital cameras
|* firewire devices
|* several USB 1 and 2 devices
|* IM software features such as voice and video chat
|* websites that use ActiveX (Windows) controls
|* MP3 devices
|Any major sacrifices I've forgotten?  ":-\

I consider lack of Active-X a feature.  I use Opera on Windows for that
very reason.

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