Will FreeBSD work on my hardware?

Joshua Lokken joshua at twobirds.us
Tue Apr 13 22:07:19 PDT 2004

* apeak at softhome.net <apeak at softhome.net> [2004-04-13 21:23]:
> I'd like to try FreeBSD, but I have some problem hardware that I'm having 
> trouble getting Linux on.  It's an AMD64 with an NForce ethernet, and an 
> external Iomega Zip Drive plugged into the USB port.  Also, I want to 
> dual-boot with Window XP, and I want read access to the NTFS partition.  Is 
> it doable? 

Well, the chip and NIC are supported by FreeBSD 5.x; I'm not sure
about the Zip drive, but USB support is there.  You can certainly
dual-boot FreeBSD and Windows XP, and read access to the NTFS
partition.  It sounds definitely doable;)  Good luck, and welcome to


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