4.4BSD-Lite source code

Tim McMillen taxman at freedombi.com
Tue Apr 13 20:29:26 PDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 12:56, Hanno wrote:
> Hi, Im currently using the book by Gary R. Wright and W Richard Stevens
> TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 2, which uses the 4.4BSD-Lite source code as
> example. My question : Up to which version of FreeBSD is the 4.4BSD-Lite
> code used ? 

4.4BSD-lite was the BSD source code after it was "sanitized" as a result
of the AT&T lawsuit.  It was incorporated into FreeBSD 2.0 if history
memory serves me right.

> Has it changed much

Yes tons.  Very little of the original BSD lite code remains in current
versions from what I have read.

>  and if so is the source code for older
> version of FreeBSD and/or the code for 4.4BSD-Lite still available for
> download somewhere ?

Many FreeBSD mirrors still carry code to FreeBSD 2.0, but that is not
what you want if you just want 4.4BSD-lite.  I think the BSD-lite code
is still available as a tarball to download from various places.  40MB
or so if I recall.  I couldn't find it from a very quick search, but I'm
sure you could find it.  It may even be on ftp.FreeBSD.org if you know
where to look.


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