Calling the pros .. sound troubleshooting

Mazen S. Alzogbi mazen at
Mon Apr 12 09:47:23 PDT 2004


I already posted this question in this list and got some answers that 
was half-solutions to my case. I read a lot about this issue in every 
resource I could get my hands on. I am very keen to make my sound system 
work on my FreeBSD 4.9 system. This is a laptop with built-in sound 
system. It's not old, pretty new so I suppose PCM is my way to go.

I recompiled the kernel aftering adding "device pcm". After reboot and 
dmesg | grep pcm I get the following:

pcm0: <SiS 7012> at device 2.7 on pci0
pcm0: unable to map IO port space
device_probe_and_attach: pcm0 attach returned 6

Can someone please guide me through the process of troubleshooting in a 
step-by-step fashion?


Mazen S. Alzogbi

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