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Oliver Breuninger ob at breuninger.org
Mon Apr 12 00:15:24 PDT 2004

Hello Anubis,

if I have dump-seesions from tape, and I want to write parts of
it on DVDs. But I'm interested in to have each part as an correct
dump file.


anubis wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Apr 2004 3:51 pm, Oliver Breuninger wrote:
>>I'm looking for a way to split and concat dump files afterwards.
>>This should possible, butg I've been see a solution for this until
> You know that you can split dump files during the dump
> See man dump for the -B option.
> When you restore, restore will ask for the next volume if you have 
> split it using -B.  No need to join up again.
> Note dont use -B and -a together in a dump.  -a will override -B
> What are you trying to do?

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