BTX Halted by lsdev

David Jones david_a_jones78 at
Sun Apr 11 16:22:24 PDT 2004

Hi all - I'm still trying to debug my first install of
FreeBSD (4.9-RELEASE).  Can anyone suggest why lsdev would
hang with the following?  bcachestat also reports a lot of
misses - would this point at dodgy memory?

ok heap
Active Allocations: 581/598
155648 bytes reserved 62288 bytes allocated
7 fragments (13152 bytes fragmented)
heap base at 0x28f00, top at 0x4ef00
ok bcachestat
<8 lines>

777 ops  0 bypasses  571 hits  5352 misses  1 flushes
ok lsdev
cd @ 0xff5c
disk @ 0xef68
    disk0:   BIOS drive A:
        disk0a: FFS
        disk0c: FFS
    disk1:   BIOS drive B:
    disk2:   BIOS drive C:

int=00000000  err=00000000  efl=00010246  eip=0000fpcd
eax=00000000  ebx=00094d28  ecx=0000a000  edx=00000000
esi=00094ad4  edi=00094d10  ebp=00094aac  esp=00094a74
cs=002b  ds=0033  es=0033    fs=0033  gs=0033  ss=0033
cs:eip=f7 75 fc 89 45 f8 89 d0-8b 4d 08 31 d2 f7 71 10
ss:esp=28 4d 09 00 6c 83 03 00-10 4d 09 00 84 4c 09 00
BTX halted

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