Can't *write* to a hard disk, not even a slice using fdisk(8).

Malcolm Kay malcolm.kay at
Sat Apr 10 19:24:09 PDT 2004

On Sunday 11 April 2004 07:15, Julien Gabel wrote:

> I want to say that it is a mirror created with a hardware HighPoint HPT374
> (channel 2+3) UDMA133 controller ; not created using software, like vinum
> for example.
> >> - But when I tried to create a slice on it, I get:
> >>   # fdisk -BI ad10
> >>   ******* Working on device /dev/ad10 *******
> >>   fdisk: can't write fdisk partition table: Operation not permitted

> There is no partition mounted on it because the miror is actually breack,
> so this disk is totally not used at this time.
> Before that, a /home was mounted on the device corresponding to the mirror,
> i.e. /dev/ar1 (which was made from /dev/ad8 + /dev/ad10). Actually, and
> because I had some activity on this machine, I made the /home partition
> available under the /dev/ad8 device alone, which is the other identical
> disk which previously formed the mirror and works like a charm.

I take it that you are still trying to manage ad10 through the RAID capable

No real information but I would guess the controller is still seeing 
information on the drive ad10 which ties it in with some other disk for RAID.

If you have a regular on board ATA interface I'd try plugging the drive in 
there (you can do it with all other drives removed for safety) and then try 
to initialise using an installation CD. If that works I imagine you can put
every thing back in your prefered configuration and continue.


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