5.2.1 FTP install over ISDN com-port ppp

Srdjan Kupresanin kupri at ptt.yu
Sat Apr 10 15:16:47 PDT 2004

I am a new addition to the FreeBSD community and don't even have a working
installation yet. Please help with that, as I tried all other resources on
the net (or at least I think I did).
Anyway, I am trying to install 5.2.1 over FTP (I have downloaded the
bootable CD image) and when I connect to my ISP through my ISDN TA on com1
and using ppp PAP/CHAP, the connection gets established, but then the
installation tries to establish IPv6 protocol, which gets rejected. It loops
three times, and then stalls indefinitely.
If you need more info, I'd be happy to provide.
Please help!
Thanks a mil.
Srdjan - baboo

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