spam in an inbox.

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sat Apr 10 13:23:30 PDT 2004

Eduardo Viruena Silva wrote:
> Is it possible now to filter the already received messages and
> discard the spam from them?
> How can I do that?

Hav him open the messages using an MTA which performs it's own spam filtering, 
such as Mozilla or Apple's  Use that MTA to zap and delete the spam, 
and then he can go back to using whatever his normal MTA is...

> Of course, I can make a program that decides where each message starts and
> where it ends, save it in a file and then filter it with spamassassin and
> with the filtered file use grep to find "X-Spam-flag: YES to discard this
> message.
> I think it is too complicated... Is there an easier solution?

See above.  The other approach would be to install procmail and use formail to 
handle the hard part of splitting the messages up, although I would expect 
that SpamAssassin can be fed an entire mailbox at a time instead...


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