Remote Single User Mode.

Bill Campbell freebsd at
Sat Apr 10 10:29:32 PDT 2004

On Sat, Apr 10, 2004, Grant Peel wrote:
>Happy Easter all!
>Here is an off-the-wall question....

>I have 4 servers in Toronto (I live in London, about 120 miles south). Most
>admin I can do remotely of course, but I was wondering, if there exists a
>software/hardware solution that might actually allow one to reboot any one
>of the machines remotely and alllow access in single user mode. Obviously,
>that machine would not be accessable via the normal netwrk method, but
>again, is there a KVM - software that would allow local access in single
>user mode VIA a network connection to one of the other servers, or the KVM

I haven't tried this on FreeBSD, but several years ago I had to do some
single user work on an SCO OpenServer box in Texas.  I had the owner of the
machine start sshd in single user mode, then I could ssh into the system to
work.  The SCO box activates the network in single user.  FreeBSD would
probably require starting network services manually.

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