Mounting a NTFS (read-only) disk...

Ralph M. Los Ralph at
Sat Apr 10 09:51:42 PDT 2004

	I've got my FreeBSD box as a file-server.  I added in a 60gb
disk I want to copy the data off of, and format for FreeBSD, slice out,
etc.  When I go to /stand/sysinstall and try to label "ad5" (the added
60gb disk), I get an error.  I go to Label, and select "Mount Point" by
pressing "m", and get this error:

Fatal Error: Bogus partition under cursor??? - PRESS ANY KEY TO QUIT

 after which it promptly throws me back to my prompt, erroring out of
sysinstall.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a better way to mount
that disk read-only for now?

Thanks all in advance.

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