KMail seeing local maildirs differently than IMAP-server

Joan Picanyol i Puig lists-gmane at
Sat Apr 10 03:50:44 PDT 2004

On Fri, 09 Apr 2004 18:48:23 +0200, Geert Hendrickx wrote:

> i see some ambiguity in using maildirs through IMAP and directly through
> the filesystem, especially when using KMail.  

It's one of the issues that I've been fighting for quite a long time, and
still haven't found a final answer.
> The "canonical" directory for maildirs is ~/Maildir, where the inbox is
> in the root of that directory, and any other mail-directory is a
> subdirectory of it.  The IMAP-servers I tried (courier-imap, imap-uw and
> dovecot, all in /usr/ports/mail) only use the subdirectories whose name
> starts with a dot.

Further, most IMAP servers don't accept subsubdirs as I have in my
~/Maildir/ hierarchy. The dot is IMAP's traditional hierarchy delimitor;
however, the server is free to choose it's own and the client must
understand it. 

> KMail on the other hand, when using maildirs as "local folders", always
> assumes they are in ~/Mail

This should be configurable. Try Evolution instead.

> Creating some symlinks to "mirror" the situation might be a usable
> solution, but that's not very elegant.  Anyone knows a better solution?

Well FSOV of "elegant" and "better" you might find my solution
interesting. I use bincimap because of it's flexibility in directory
serving. I use an IMAPdir depot which I locate on a hidden subdirectory
populated with symlinks to the real Maildir subdirs.


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