direction needed [ part of 5.2 portupgrade hairball ]

Jay Moore jaymo at
Sat Apr 10 02:12:54 PDT 2004

On Saturday 10 April 2004 04:01 am, Matthew Seaman wrote:

> > --->  Skipping 'x11-toolkits/eel2' (eel2-2.4.1) because 'x11-toolkits/
> > libbonoboui' (libbonoboui-2.4.1) failed
> You need to work out why the update to libbonoboui-2.4.1 failed.  Once
> you've got that to compile correctly you should then be able to get
> the rest of the gettext dependents to update. 

Where would I look for clues as to the cause of the failure?


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