KDM always starts failsafe (Philip Payne)

Larry Hammer larrykh465 at SoftHome.net
Fri Apr 9 16:35:14 PDT 2004

	Now, whenever I try to login to KDE it always starts the failsafe i.e. a
	single xterm.

	It doesn't matter what session type I select in KDM, I always get failsafe
	so no KDE for me.

	If I start KDE using startx and a .xinitrc with "exec startkde" everything
	is fine and KDE starts. However, multiple users on the machine so having KDM
	working would be good.

	Any ideas what could be wrong?... if you need output from certain logs etc.
	just let me know.


I just upgraded too, and ran into similar problem I couldn't even get to 
failsafe from kdm
I turned off /etc/ttys tty8(kdm) and rebooted and started with startx and it 
came up from root
I typed in kdm and got the same problemb so I restarted the x server and 
noticed a couple of warnings about not being able to find files 
Xreset Xsetup in /usr/local/share/config/kdm
when I looked the files that used to be there were not there or empty except 
for read me.
I deleted all files in this dir then from a consol I ran;
genkdmconf --help
genkdmconf --no-old
all works well now hope this helps


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