Portupgrade problem

Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at daleco.biz
Fri Apr 9 12:07:07 PDT 2004

Andreas Davour wrote:

>I just decided to take a deep breath and cvsup some fresh ports. Now,
>having done that I have run 'portupgrade -ar' and constantly found it to
>stop some problems.
>Some ports have failed and been flagged as "configure error" or "install
>error". Then I have tried to do a manual install of those ports and found
>that a "make deinstall; make reinstall" have worked, just like the port
>instructed me to do when it failed. I found it strange that portupgrade
>didn't do that for me.
>Having done that I restarted portupgrade and it would proceed a bit before
>stumbling to a halt again.
>Now I have reached the end of what I can fix manually, though. For some
>reason portupgrade stubbornly complains that:
>"** Listing the failed packages (*:skipped / !:failed)
>        ! accessibility/atk (atk-1.4.1_1)       (port directory error)"
>And it is correct in that there *is* no accessibility/atk port in my new
>cvsup'ed ports tree. But why is it then telling me it needs it!?
>Can I get the atk ports from somewhere? Is it really needed? Why has it
>dissapeared and why is it still mentioned as a dependency then?
>If anyone can shed some light on those matters, then I'm all ears. I can't
>get a new version of Firefox to compile without atk so I'm very interested
>in getting this to work.
>I have run 'pkgdb -F' and tried to remove the dependecy, but have not
>succeeded. I'm not even sure it would be wise to do it...

It is best to have a ports tree that contains almost
everything except foreign languages when using BSD on
a "workstation" or in a "desktop" environment --- there are
so many dependancies.

That said, you haven't told us how old your ports tree
is; please look at /usr/ports/UPDATING and note that
in the last few months there have been a couple of big
issues, namely new versions of expat and gettext, IIRC,
that affect many, many of the commonly used 3rd party
sw packages/ports.

Kevin Kinsey
Daleco, S.P.

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