Natd and natd_interface

Rob nospam at
Fri Apr 9 01:50:10 PDT 2004

Arek Czereszewski wrote:
> Hi
> I have configuration like this:
> Intrenet - fxp0 (public IP) [freebsd box] - fxp1 (public IP) class /28 and
>                                            some workstatins connected,
>                                           mail daemon, www and others
>                                         - fxp1 alias 
>                                           and LAN
> And now what interface in rc.conf must be natd_interface, fxp1 or fxp0?

fxp0, the one that connects to the outside network.

> Secend question is: 
> This rule for ipfw is OK for configuration what i have?
> ipfw add 50 divert natd all from to any via fxp1

I don't think you have to do this yourself.
I believe by adding
to your rc.conf, you get the following rule as a result:
    divert 8668 ip from any to any via fxp0
which does what you want (I think).


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