Install world fails, computer almost unusable

Joshua Lokken joshua at
Thu Apr 8 13:27:44 PDT 2004

* Artem Koutchine <matrix at> [2004-04-08 06:44]:
> IMHO the upgrade pricedure is unstable and wrong in either case.
> What do you think?

I don't pretend to understand *all* of the reasoning behind the
recommended upgrade procedure.  Since I began using FreeBSD, I have
performed somewhere around 50 system upgrades on various machines, most
of them 4.x, and have upgraded 5.1->5.2 on four machines.  Of those
system upgrades, two have failed, or 'not worked.'  One of them was due
to the fact that I didn't follow the recommended procedure (admittedly,
supplemented with list wisdom), the other, because I didn't follow the
recommended procedure.

It just works.


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